As you all have heard by now, our final service as a congregation will be held Saturday, March
3, 2018 at 7pm. So, this is my last article as the Rabbi of Congregation Ner Tamid. That last
sentence brings tears to my eyes.
It has been an honor to serve this congregation. I will cherish the relationships we have
established during my tenure. While I have hopefully provided you with a greater understanding
of Torah, Halacha, Mitzvot, and Kabbalah, it is you, my beloved congregants, that I want to
thank for challenging me to deliver HaShem’s message in a way that provided you with this
I wish to acknowledge our Board of Directors who agonized over this decision. They took it
upon themselves to find an alternative that would meet the needs of most, if not all, of the
members of this congregation. They have and continue to painstakingly review and negotiate a
solution that will provide our membership with the opportunity to remain together and continue
participating in religious and social activities while ensuring your ability to be members of
healthier congregations long into your future, Baruch HaShem.
The Rabbis teach us that when faced with a challenging situation, we must stop and look at the
situation, seek HaShem’s guidance through prayer, then consider alternatives that will lead to a
successful outcome. We must let go of the past and move forward to the future. HaShem has
provided each of you with an alternative that will provide you with access to a vibrant Jewish
community. It is now time to step away from the pain of the past and move into the future.
Again, it has been an honor to serve you and your families. May you be blessed with only
simchas, may you continue to find new understandings in Torah knowledge, while I may not be
leading your new congregations, you are and will continue to be, a part of my history, and
therefore my life. If you need me, I am only a phone call or email away.
I wish you all the best,  ---Rabbi Joe.​

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